Imran Ahmed Trio is best known for their multiple achievements in representing Bangladesh in the international Jazz circuit in Europe and Asia. The trio has been performing extensively throughout Dhaka and is always working towards establishing a prominent jazz scene in the country. By working with different projects they have been successfully exposing this kind of music to different crowds. At present the trio is mostly working on new music that are centered on modern jazz, ballads, latin music and flamenco. Their aim is to enrich their sound in a continuous process. The group released its debut album “Away and Home” consisting of five originals in July and is currently playing concerts on a regular basis in and out of Dhaka. Imran is critically acclaimed by local appreciators as a maior figure in representing Jazz from Bangladesh worldwide as well bringing jazz to the spotlight within Bangladesh music industry.

International tours:

Malaysia – World Youth Jazz Festival (2018) 

Malaysia Kualalumpur – International Jazz Day (2018) 

Germany tour in 2018: Massive response in Germany for solo performance in one of the oldest jaz clubs of europe called “Jazzstudio Nurnberg“. They played 5 concerts in jazz in venues and clubs in Bamberg, kitzingen, Furth and Nurenberg.

2019: An intensive two weeks tour in Poland where they performed 5 concerts in 4 cities. The tour included “Voicingers Festival” and most notable was their house full performance at the house Polish National Radio Theater, Polskie Radio.